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Cook Up Some Energy

Cook Up Some Energy

Turn meal making into an energy-boosting mini-workout — right in your kitchen

Plate-ates Strengthen your calves as you put the dishes away...

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Fit Without Trying

Fit Without Trying

8 Ways To Get Fit Without Trying

Turn on the TV. If just thinking about lifting weights makes you break into a sweat, park yourself in front of the television or start a Netflix binge. Um, bring the weights with you. Your reps will go a lot faster if you’re thinking about Jon Snow instead...

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Kid Playing

Five Fun Kid Things To Do At The Park

To a kid, 20,000 acres of park space is an entire universe. Lucky you to live in Pinellas County. Here, going to the park is a way of life and a wonderful way to stay active. A little creativity can turn the same park into a different world, and a different adventure, each and every time...

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Got Fruit

Got Fruit? Get Sneaky

Fruit makes a great snack or dessert, but don’t stop there. Here are some ways to fruit up your meals (and sneak in the recommended 2 to 4 servings a day).


To add moisture, texture (and nutrition) to your burgers, add a bit of fruit to the mix. Blueberries will keep burgers juicy without overwhelming the flavor. You can also try minced cherries or shredded apples or pears to create your own one-of-a-kind burger...

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Fun Getting Fit

Fun Getting Fit. Really.

Have you been finding the fun for a while now? You may be ready to turn up the dial and start thinking about that dreaded “f” word – fitness. Don’t worry; we’re not going to ask you to chuck your social life and join a gym. All it takes to get fit is to find a little more fun, every day...

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Furry Fun

Furry Fun With Your Dog

Here’s a simple equation: dog + park = fun. Maybe even more than you thought. You know man’s best friend loves Pinellas County’s many dog parks. Below are a few ideas on how to make that visit even more fun...

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Food That Feels Good

Make Food That Feels Good After You Eat It

Dial Up Your Favorite Diet

All Recipes’ Collection of Healthy Dishes is a great place to browse if you are looking for delicious, easy meals divided up by diet of choice. Going low carb, low calorie, or low fat? All Healthy Recipes has got hundreds of dishes that deliver. You can also browse by meal, check out their Top 20, or check out one of their daily recipes...

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Good On The Go

Feel Good Food On The Go

Try these tricks to keep feeling good—even after a restaurant meal

  • Ordering a sandwich? Skip the mayo. Opt for mustard instead.
  • Switch up your sides. Swap out the fries and choose coleslaw or a side salad instead.
  • Drink the beverage of champions. Yep, that would be water. Lemon optional...
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Got A Recipe

Got A Recipe? Make It Even Better

Easy substitutions

You can have your brownies and eat them, too, thanks to the recipe substitutions at Greatist. Black beans instead of flour, applesauce instead of butter, yogurt instead of sour cream; you’ll find 80 ways to make recipes a bit healthier by swapping in everyday ingredients in place of the old standbys. Includes links to recipes for black bean brownies and more...

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Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay's Fitness Activities Calendar

The popular Things-to-Do section of allows users to quickly find upcoming events that are fitness-related. First click the blue “Search Things-To-Do” a on the right-hand-side of the Things-to-Do page. Then, use the “Refine your search” feature on the left-hand-side to click on your neighborhood and the “Fitness” category...

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Uncovering Water's Wow Factor

Colorless, odorless, calorie-less, it's hard to see how water is full of goodness for our bodies and our minds. But believe everything you hear about the benefits of water. It has a lot going for it. Way more than soda, which slows you down and increases your risk of diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes. No fun. More water equals more fun. Here's why: ...

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