Good On The Go

Feel Good Food On The Go

Try these tricks to keep feeling good—even after a restaurant meal

  • Ordering a sandwich? Skip the mayo. Opt for mustard instead.
  • Switch up your sides. Swap out the fries and choose coleslaw or a side salad instead.
  • Drink the beverage of champions. Yep, that would be water. Lemon optional.
  • Banish the breadbasket. Or if carbs are calling your name, ask for French bread or whole-wheat rolls. (Pass on the butter, please).
  • Save some for later. Get a to-go container with your meal and before you dig in, pack half away for tomorrow’s lunch.
  • Act like a kid. Order the child’s size when it’s allowed.
  • Avoid buffets. With all-you-can-eat specials, you get what you pay for — the post-pig-out, feel-bad blahs.
  • Ordering Italian? Try pasta dishes with a tomato base. They’ll leave you feeling lighter than heavy sauces like Alfredo, Béarnaise, or Mornay.
  • Go easy on the alcohol. Swap sugary drink mixes for reduced-calorie versions, add a spritz of soda water to wine, choose light beer. Or better yet drink water.
  • Ordering pizza? Pile on the veggies but just say no to extra meat and cheese.
  • When meat’s a must. If you’re eating steak, choose filet, flank, or London broil (they’re the lightest cuts). Trim off the fat and skip the sauces and gravy.
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