Fit Without Trying

Fit Without Trying

8 Ways To Get Fit Without Trying

Turn on the TV. If just thinking about lifting weights makes you break into a sweat, park yourself in front of the television or start a Netflix binge. Um, bring the weights with you. Your reps will go a lot faster if you’re thinking about Jon Snow instead.

Break it up. Yes, you need at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day to really get fit. But don’t think you have to do it all at once. Breaking up that activity into three 10-minute segments still does the trick.

Go to the mall. Sick and tired of the same old scenery on your morning walk? Try walking at the mall. After window shopping and people watching for a brisk 30 minutes, treat yourself to a low sugar smoothie.

The couch can wait. When the remote calls your name after a hard day at the office, ignore it for just a little while. Do some easy stretches to wake your body up then gather the kids or the dog for a walk. The couch will still be there when you’re done.

Pump up your playlist. Download some new tunes geared toward revving up your workout. You’ll get renewed motivation from high-energy songs.

Step it up at work. Desk job? Get up and move whenever you can. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. Walk over and talk to co-workers rather than sending an email. At break time, stroll the halls or head outside and walk around the block.

Parking lot P.E. Stop wasting time trying to find the very closest parking space and pick the farthest instead. When you’re done shopping, if you have a cart take it all the way back to the store. Those extra steps add up (and it’s good karma, too).

Find the Fun. When all else fails, you know what to do. Click on to turn up some fresh ideas for getting out, getting active, and having fun.

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