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Five Fun Kid Things To Do At The Park

To a kid, 20,000 acres of park space is an entire universe. Lucky you to live in Pinellas County. Here, going to the park is a way of life and a wonderful way to stay active. A little creativity can turn the same park into a different world, and a different adventure, each and every time.

  1. Use Mulch For Money

  2. Set yourself up under the steps of a slide or jungle gym — the space between the steps makes a great drive-through window. Kids can "drive" up and order their favorite foods. Using mulch, sticks or stones as currency, you can teach counting and why a pizza costs more wood chips than a juice box.

  3. Feel-Good Food You Can Find Quickly

  4. Give your go-to park a new point-of-view with kid-sized binoculars. Look up for birds, bees, and butterflies; airplanes, helicopters and UFOs. A spiral-bound notepad can be your field journal and you can draw what you see, bring it home to share at the dinner table or for "show and tell" the next day at school.

  5. Healthy Recipes For Your Family

  6. Even superheroes need exercise to maintain their superhuman physique. So let your little one go to the park as his or her favorite good guy. You can be the bad guy, or the trusty magic lasso holder. Ride your bikes to the park and give them added powers with a touch of tin foil around the handlebars. Kapow!

  7. Feel-Good Food As Seen On TV

  8. No self-respecting youngster goes to the park empty-snack-cupped. Share your eats with little critters and watch them carry crumbs twice their size. See if they like sweet or salty. Bring a magnifying glass to see them up close. Then come home and check out this interactive ant anatomy site to learn even more.

  9. Car Wash

  10. Don't let the heat keep you away. Bring a spray bottle full of cold water to cool off between activities. Kids love these things and they are only a buck at the drugstore. Buy a few. This way, you can spray your child — pretending he or she is a dirty car in a car wash.

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