Furry Fun

Furry Fun With Your Dog

Here’s a simple equation: dog + park = fun. Maybe even more than you thought. You know man’s best friend loves Pinellas County’s many dog parks. Below are a few ideas on how to make that visit even more fun.

Tossing Discs To Your Dog

All you need: Your dog. A disc. A park. Soon your dog will be flying through the air, impressing everyone around you with catch after perfect catch. (Or maybe not, but you’ll still have fun.) Start with a disc that fits your pup’s mouth — small and soft for the little guys. Next, roll it on the ground and practice catching that way. Who knows? You just might have an undiscovered U.S. Disc Dog Nationals champ right at your feet.

Harnessing Doggie Energy

Too tired for a long walk? Let your dog do the work. Get a body harness from any pet store, grab your bike, skateboard or roller blades, and let your pooch pull you down the path. Dogs need a job, and you need a break — just make sure they’re not pulling from the neck. If your dog is a real tugboat, try a pooch-friendly path like the Pinellas Trail. Just be prepared for envious stares as you glide by all those exhausted runners.

Outdoor Etiquette For Dogs

So you’ve taught your dog to sit and stay perfectly … in the living room. Now it’s time for a real world test. A park is a perfect place to teach your dog real world manners. Squirrels. Ducks. Other dogs. With distractions like that, you’ll see what your dog is really made of. Bring your leash, some treats, and your patience. And be sure to reward your dog with time off for good behavior.

Act Their Age

Let your dog bring out the kid in you. Roll in the grass, splash in puddles, wrestle and chase each other around. Find a new park to explore and take the time to stop and smell the roses (and fire hydrants). Dogs need to work but they also like to have fun. Give them a chance to let their fur down. Just remember that if you’re hot, your dog is hotter. Bring plenty of water for both of you.

Take Your Dog Out For A Ball Game

If your dog loves to fetch, all you need to play outside is a stick. Other dogs take a little coaxing to get in the game. If yours is a reluctant fetcher, try using different kinds of balls or even cubes. Some dogs like balls that rattle, other like squeaky toys. Or get one of those big inflatable exercise balls and teach your dog to herd it. This is great for all breeds and all ages. Check out this video to learn more.

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