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When you're moving, you're living

Swap some sedentary dead time for real live play and you'll ignite the pleasure center of the brain. Yeah, the scientists are still debating whether it's endorphins or serotonin or whatever, but really, who cares? In study after study, people report feeling better and more relaxed after physical activity. It may even slow aging and put off Alzheimer's.

Discover Fun in Pinellas

Aces, Love, and Tennis Lessons at Clearwater Beach Recreation Complex

Tennis is an activity for all ages. Come out to the Clearwater Beach Recreation Complex to take lessons. Learn forehands, backhands, set play, serves, proper court etiquette and match scorekeeping. In...

  • Cost: $$Under $20 / person
  • Neighborhood: Clearwater Beach

Swing, climb and slide at Live Oak Neighborhood Park

Pack a healthy picnic lunch and take the kids to the playground at beautiful Live Oak Neighborhood Park. As you're running after them and laughing together you're also burning calories and building m...

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: Palm Harbor

Play volleyball at the Redington Shores beach access

This one-mile stretch of beachfront offers the quintessential day at the beach. Beautifully landscaped, Redington Shores also connects to North Redington and the Redington Long Pier. Amenities include...

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: North Pinellas beaches

Renardo Family Produce

  • Cost: FREE - $$$$
  • Neighborhood: Tarpon Springs

Get Fit with Hot Hula Fitness at Sunken Gardens!

This class was inspired by the dances of the Pacific Islands and incorporates easy to perform traditional with new dance movements. All ages and fitness levels welcome. This is a fun class that moves...

  • Cost: $$Under $20 / person
  • Neighborhood: Belleair

Play tennis at the Childs Park Recreation Center

Dust off your racket for a energetic game of singles or doubles tennis. Challenge your friends or meet new people over competitive matches. Tennis may be a competitive sport, but it's also a great wa...

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: St. Petersburg

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