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When you're moving, you're living

Swap some sedentary dead time for real live play and you'll ignite the pleasure center of the brain. Yeah, the scientists are still debating whether it's endorphins or serotonin or whatever, but really, who cares? In study after study, people report feeling better and more relaxed after physical activity. It may even slow aging and put off Alzheimer's.

Discover Fun in Pinellas

Dance to Music with Mar in Dunedin

Music with Mar., Inc. is an internationally respected company dedicated to using music and movement in child development to get more parents involved with their children in positive activities while u...

  • Cost: $Under $10 / person
  • Neighborhood: Dunedin

Family Night Out - Bowling


  • Cost: $$$Under $50 / person
  • Neighborhood: Dunedin

Shoot hoops at Largo's Northeast Park

Whether in the park's recreational center or enjoying FL's beautiful outdoors, Northeast Park has it all. You can even play in the dark with the lighted outdoor basketball courts. Challenge other grou...

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: Largo

Countryside Recreation Center

Fully equipped fitness center offering outdoor activities, indoor activities, sports, leisure, cultural events, and much more. For information on how to obtain a Recreation Card call (727) - 669-1914....

  • Cost: $Under $10 / person
  • Neighborhood: Countryside

Walk, jog, or bike the North Gulfport portion of the Pinellas Trail

If you do this whole section, from 64th St. S. to 43 St. S., you'll travel about 2 miles. The entire Pinellas Trail stretches 34 miles from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs. Most of the Pinellas Trail...

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: Gulfport

Fish the shallows at Weedon Park Preserve

Reel in some of Weedon Island Preserve's most popular catch — sheepshead, jack and snook — while visiting a Pinellas County landmark. History lesson: The fishing pier now stands in place of the histor...

  • Cost: FREE
  • Neighborhood: St. Petersburg

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